Lake Tahoe Parasailing

As Lake Tahoe’s premier parasail operator, we specialize in providing the safest and most thrilling in-air flying experiences for our guests. While we do the work, you enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains of the High Sierra while soaring at 7,400’ elevation. You’ll slowly be lifted 800 feet into the air behind the boat. Go solo or tandem. The view is awe inspiring and the only noise you’ll hear is your own laughter and shouts of OMGs.

  • Our state-of-the-art boat ensures take-offs and landings are completely dry and safe.
  • All boat captains are U.S. Coast Guard certified.
  • Fly solo, double or triple – up to 550 lbs.
  • Stay dry or get dipped, just let the captain know in advance.
  • Must be at least 5 years old to fly.
  • Persons weighing less than 90 lbs. can fly using our tandem or triple harness.
  • We have the ability to do private pick-ups at most beaches or piers.
  • The captain reserves the right to increase or decrease weight requirements based on safety, wind and lake conditions.

“Action Water Sports (BRIAN & CREW) were very professional, courteous and polite during my wife and I parasailing adventure. We will definitely be parasailing again at AWS. Thank you Brian & crew for the awesome experience! !”